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    A hub for parents, daycare staff, and healthcare professionals, with focus on your child reaching their maximum capacity

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    The most user-friendly & super-fast daycare application, connecting parents to directors, educators and children

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    KidiHealth constantly keeps track of daycare centres to continue meeting licensing requirements.

    About Us

    About Us

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    Our Mission

    The vision of the KidiHealth team is to make every daycare an extension of the child’s home and create collaborative circles of parents, dedicated daycare staff and healthcare professionals around every child so they can reach their full potential.

    While existing solutions attempt to automate some administrative tasks, our cloud-based platform provides a single and easy to access place to manage daycare activities, automate government forms & compliance tasks, inform parents, and refer children to healthcare specialists when they need it most.

    This is a transformational change, not only making daycares more efficient, but also helping them grow.

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    Polished Experience

    Quickly setup your account and easily check and manage your child's daily schedule and activities.

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    KidiHealth's easy-to-use interface is designed around our specific users' needs, thus providing you with a smooth experience.

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    Full Compliance

    Automated form collection and continuous verification of daycares' compliance record.

    Our Services

    KidiHealth application is available online on Mac, Android, and web.

    Our Services

    Our users' privacy and personal information are securely protected at KidiHealth.

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    In compliance with Personal Health Information Act (PHIPA) and HIPAA regulations

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    Parents sign up on the app with credentials provided by daycare management and instantly see their child’s profile and check their child’s daily schedule, and learn when their child has napped, eaten, or completed a scheduled event. They have the option to comment on the schedule and suggest activities to the daycare staff or simply message daycare staff (chat). Parents also have access to recommended referrals to childcare specialists (the virtual clinic).

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