The Reason for Children’s Fantasies and Parents’ Appropriate Behavior With This Situation

happy kid dreaming of flying in the sky with suitcase and camera

Children who exhibit disturbed behaviors such as hyperactivity, talkativeness, anger, struggle, and challenging behaviors need more attention than others and should be given more support so that they can master important strategies and lead a normal life. Achieve like the rest.

Although there are children who need less attention and follow-up treatment, there are also children who are not noticed by the school and parents because these children are less likely to show such disturbing behaviors in appearance. These children are usually daydreaming instead of these aggressive actions.

They may not need support at all, but a caring family and an expert in this field must monitor these children and investigate their issues.

The benefits of children's daydreaming

The power of daydreaming in psychology shows that there are positive aspects to daydreaming. There have also been few studies on how daydreaming can help children's social skills and creativity and enable them to analyze information better than others.

Daydreaming can help children to be creative, practicing, or interacting with each other, as well as keeping the mind engaged and active, so that the mind can better understand different meanings than others.

The creative minds of these children will have very pure ideas and everything will be found in this box of mind. These children can also review the information they learned during the day at night.

Daydreaming is definitely not 100% bad, so we should not make children give up daydreaming completely.

The benefits of daydreaming are when it helps to improve their memory and remove distractions so that they can gain practical skills.

Disadvantages of children's daydreaming

Mental problems can be symptoms of neurological disorders such as hyperactivity, schizophrenia, autism, etc. Some daydreaming is problematic and reduces the function of the mind and prevents the child from behaving properly in normal social situations and even at home.

Daydreaming can be a side effect of learning disabilities and can have a negative effect on a child's relationship with others. Many experts interpret daydreaming as a type of attention deficit disorder that usually occurs due to parental inattention.

Of course, not all fantasies happen for this reason. When too much daydreaming happens, the negative consequences will be greater, so it is better to take it seriously.

As we have said, daydreaming is not a problem and the problem occurs when daydreaming deprives the child of performance and ability for a normal life and as a result your child may be different from other peers and therefore cannot be, in general, considered a problem, but one should try to improve excessive daydreaming in case of a problem. For example, some children do not focus enough on the lesson because of these intense fantasies.

We all have some fantasies. The voice inside us always helps with different ideas, plans and decisions such as having dinner, responding to certain situations, etc., and as a result we all have some degree of daydreaming and daydreaming.

Our minds are focused on the things that are happening right now, and sometimes this daydreaming is a form of entertainment for people, but sometimes it takes the attention of some people and makes them completely dreamy. And therefore it will be difficult for these people to be vigilant and conscious.

Correct and wise behavior with children's imagination and daydreaming

If you feel that daydreaming has become a problem for your child, here are some tips:

Teach them to monitor their behavior

One way is to read magazines for these children. You need to introduce them to the idea that they are strong human beings and can control themselves. These children need to control their behavior because they are old enough.

Of course, reduce the unreasonable expectations of them and pay attention to whether they listen to the teacher or do their homework or not. Take some of these responsibilities for yourself. Parents need to teach their children how to do these things and manage themselves.

Practice conscious breathing with them

This minimizes the amount of daydreaming, and to do this you need to focus on breathing for 8 minutes during the day, which is trained by experts. Deep breathing increases focus on other areas of life.

Consider the child's learning strategies and environment

Can you change the environment around the child to make him less daydreaming ?! For example, you can change his teacher and enroll him in another school that has better conditions for concentration and is more exciting and attractive. In fact, take steps to increase his focus on things like the classroom.

Do not try to stop him daydreaming

This cannot be done completely; Instead, you should teach your children to be self-aware and to be able to improve their daydreaming by learning different skills and focusing.

Improve and strengthen her nutrition

Healthy foods are good for a variety of reasons and allow a person to have better control over themselves and focus on their tasks throughout the day.

Get enough rest

Getting enough sleep drives away daydreaming, but sleep disturbance is a factor in daydreaming.

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